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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flint Telecom Group, Inc. (FLTT.OB)

About Flint Telecom Group, Inc.

Flint Telecom Group Inc. ("FLTT") is a U.S. holding company headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas. Through its subsidiaries, the Company provides an extensive portfolio of next generation IP communication solutions. The Company was founded by telecom and technology entrepreneurs with a proven track record in building global technology companies. Flint Telecom has grown both organically and through corporate activity and is traded on the OTC Bulletin Board® (OTCBB) under the ticker FLTT.OB. Additional information may be found at



Flint Telecom focuses on 3 main Business Segments:

Software, Services & Equipment
  • The delivery of Wireless IP and 'Cloud' based applications to large multinational enterprises and telecom operators worldwide.

Prepaid Telecom Services
  • The Provision and Distribution of ‘Integrated' prepaid calling and cellular products in the United States and Internationally.

Subscriber Based Services
  • Providing ‘white label' IP technologies for both VoIP and Wireless services aimed at specialist
    operators in the United States and Internationally.

    Flint Telecom headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas with offices throughout the US and International headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, is a fully reporting company trading on the OTC Bulletin Board® (OTCBB) under the ticker symbol: FLTT.OB. Flint Telecom was founded by a team of telecom and technology experts with a proven track in building and maintaining international technology companies. Both organically and by means of merger and acquisition activity Flint is growing at an astounding rate, we intend continuing on this path towards becoming a powerhouse in our field.

    Flint Telecom Ranked Number 72 Fastest Growing Company in North America on Deloitte's 2010 Technology Fast 500  (TM)

    Industry With a Four Year Revenue Growth of Over 1,800%
  •  Deloitte's ranking of 500 of the fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and clean technology companies in North America. Rankings are based on percentage of fiscal year revenue growth during the period from 2005-2009. Flint Telecom grew 1800% percent during this period and was also named the 10th Fastest Growing Company within the Communication & Networking Industry.







Welcome to Flint Telecom Investor Relations

Investor Relations Contact~
Steve Keaveney
phone: 404-254-6980

SEC Filings/Financials


Share Structure


Market Value1  $916,526  a/o Nov 17, 2010
Shares Outstanding   529,989,497 a/o Nov 15, 2010
Authorized Shares  900,000,000  a/o Aug 18, 2010

FLTT Transfer Agent ~

Computershare Trust Company Inc.
350 Indiana St.
Golden, CO 80401




Flint Telecom has been over the past year, strategically putting together the pieces to the Puzzle




This acquisition will allow Flint Telecom to access the international market of mobile money transfer, which Juniper Research believes to be worth $65 Billion worldwide by 2014.

Eliminating the need and expense of money order transfers to foreign countries, Flint Telecom will establish a system of prepaid debit cards through its existing market outlets. This will allow people and businesses the ability to transfer money internationally using these cards or directly from their cell phones. The system is in complete compliance with domestic and international money laundering and counter-terrorism regulations.

  Ingedigit International Inc.



Ingedigit International Inc. is a U.S. based independent sales organization ("ISO") offering International pre-paid debit card services in partnership with international banks and other program sponsors, to offer debit cards and other related products to their customers. Included with the debit card services are additional value-added services allowing cardholders to share funds between existing cardholders, perform international fund remittance and link with Flint Telecom services to provide prepaid calling linked to their debit cards. All transactions are prepaid, thereby carrying no financial risk, and are fully compliant with U.S. and International money laundering laws, as well as counter-terrorism regulations. Transactions are practically instantaneous, available to the cardholder on a 24/7, 365-day basis. The Companies' current markets include the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, Central and South America, Gulf Coast Countries, the Philippines, expanding to the U.K., Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the Pacific Rim. Ingedigit International will be rebranded in the coming weeks to enhance its international appeal and presence. 



Flint Telecom Completes Acquisitions of Debit Card and Payment Processing Companies Creating International Prepaid and Mobile Financial Powerhouse


 Financial Processing Corp. Power2Process


Gotham Ingedigit Financial Processing Corp., which will be renamed as Power2Process Inc., is a U.S. based advanced financial transaction processing and technology company, working with banking clients across the globe. It is a PCI and MasterCard certified, SAS-70 compliant financial transaction processing switch, located in the NAP of the Americas in Miami, Florida. Power2Process is in the unique position of having complete control of all its services, from applications development and processing to marketing and support, for a full array of back office processing including ATM and POS network integration and management. Using Power2Process solutions, clients can deliver 'own brand' financial transaction processing services, such as pre-paid products, virtual accounts, money remittances and other stored value services. Power2Process will operate as an independent business following the acquisition.


Prepaid services are among the fastest growing service industry segments globally. In 2007, The World Bank estimated that worldwide remittances exceeded $318 Billion. Independent research commissioned by MasterCard, estimates the U.S. market opportunity for branded pre-paid cards in excess of $440 Billion by 2017, a 400% increase over the market value estimated in 2009.


Flint Telecom Launches Exciting Prepaid Debit Card Program in Partnership With Alterna Card Services Inc.

 Power2Process, a wholly owned subsidiary, announces the launch of an exciting new valuable prepaid debit card program under a partnership program with Alterna Card Services, Inc.

The partnership program allows Alterna prepaid debit cards to be sold, registered and loaded in targeted retail outlets in areas with high immigrant populations across the United States. The Alterna debit card provides financial freedom and security for immigrants, non-banked consumers, and anyone looking for a better way to manage money.

The Alterna Card works just like any bank-issued debit card, without ever having to worry about overdraft fees or the risk of going into debt. Alterna will offer their customers a range of everyday services not normally available to them, such as withdrawing money from any ATM Worldwide, paying bills online, and having payroll checks deposited directly to the card, which cuts down on cumbersome check cashing queues and costs.

Alterna expects to start distributing Flint debit-cards through participating retail outlets as early as next month. Alterna is the innovator of a patent-pending prepaid card loading process which loads prepaid debit cards at the Point of Sale. Alterna will adjust their existing POS terminals that are presently configured to load gift cards, to facilitate Flint pre-paid Debit Cards.
Alterna Card Services is a full-service sales and marketing company, well established in population centers with a high concentration of unbanked, immigrant and natural born citizens. Alterna provides knowledge and expertise in the prepaid industry, with money sharing programs, specifically designed for people unable to obtain bank accounts due to credit issues or citizenship status.



Flint Telecom Signs $15 Million Funding Commitment With Kodiak Capital Group

Will Allow Flint to Place Its Shares at a 5% Discount to Market 

  Kodiak has committed to purchase, at the discretion of the Company, from time to time over a period of two years, shares of the Company's common stock for cash consideration of up to $15 million at a fixed flat discount of 5% from the lowest closing best bid share price following the Company's draw notices.

This equity line of credit to be provided by Kodiak Capital Group will replace the previous Reserve Equity Finance Agreement with AGS Capital Group, announced in June.


 The Equity Line of Credit is a cost effective and flexible financing that places Flint Telecom in control of how and when it raises equity and debt, minimizing any potential dilution or disruption to its capital structure. Flint Telecom can sell its common shares when the price is attractive to the Company to ensure that the Company has access to required funds in a timely manner to minimize dilution to shareholders. The Agreement does not prohibit the Company from raising additional debt or equity financings, other than financings similar to this agreement.




Flint Telecom Group, Inc.
7500 College Boulevard
Suite 500
Overland Park, KS 66210
United States - Map
Phone: 913-815-1570