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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Freedom Energy Holdings, Inc. FDMF

Freedom Energy Holdings, Inc. FDMF



Business Description

Freedom Energy Holdings, Inc. (FDMF) is a company that specializes in the identification and development of technologies with commercial applications in the energy industry sector. Presently, the company's primary focus is the commercial development of its proprietary , heavy oil technology, KC 9000(R), a breakthrough technology which provides an effective and cost efficient system to enable heavy oil deposits to flow without heat. This pioneering technology is projected to revolutionize current recovery processes being utilized. The company is presently marketing KC 9000 through sales and licensing agreements to potential clients on a worldwide basis.


What is FDMF?

Freedom Energy International was created in August of 2008 in a quest to become a major influence in the oil and gas industry due to ever increasing need in the oil and gas industry for solutions to the exploitation, moving, and cleaning of heavy oil. FEI first proved it's technology on it's own and local client leases and is now commercializing that success globally.

Freedom Energy International's management is preparing for a changing heavy oil market as the United States and other countries look to new technologies to increase energy independence through heavy oil production and reducing the environmental impact. Freedom Energy International's KC 9000™ has proven to be effective in several applications.


FEI has tested KC 9000™ in a number of projects all of which speak to the effectiveness of KC 9000™ as a truly amazing technology; one that is changing the way the world views tank cleaning and sludge remediation.

KC-9000™ is a proprietary micro-emulsion technology that:
Permanently changes the API Gravity of heavy oil by releasing the interfacial surface tension
Decreases heavy oil viscosity
Liquefies paraffin and controls it with regular treatments
Has improved oil production rates from 20% to 363%
Outstanding at keeping flow lines and tank batteries open and clean
Exceptional cleaning of storage tanks and sludge pits

Products & Services

KC 9000™
Freedom Energy International Inc.KC 9000™
“The World’s Answer to Heavy Oil”

KC 9000™ is a micro-emulsion developed to assist in the recovery and extraction of heavy based hydrocarbons that are saturated with high metals and paraffin content. Extensive field and lab tests have proven KC 9000™ to be far superior than other products by permanently reducing the viscosity of heavy oil at ambient temperatures. KC 9000™ does not require external heat and works very well at normal temperatures.

Tests performed have shown the KC 9000™ micro emulsion acts in a two phase process. Unique chemical properties in KC 9000TM integrate fully with the target subject and proves itself as an extremely effecient emulsifier. Once allowed to remain dormant without any agitation a de-emulsifying phase automatically takes place allowing the contaminants to drop to the bottom and the good oil flow to the top of the containment tank. KC 9000™ is a very stable emulsion that is not affected by external forces making it very safe for the end user.

There are several variations of the base KC 9000™ formula that permits it to be applicable with the most viscous crude oils being produced today. KC 9000™ has shown to permanently change oil viscosity therefore increasing the API gravity by removing most solids and heavy metals typically found in heavy oil and tank bottoms. KC 9000™ is a breakthrough heavy oil technology that promises to revolutionize the current tank cleaning processes being utilized. By injecting KC 9000™ directly into the tank port holes,at the tank bottom, with the emulsifies turning into an easily extractable slurry, thus eliminating much of the extensive labor time and costs. In most tank cleaning practices, physical entry into the storage tanks (cutting large holes in the sides) with small bulldozer type units creates a very time consuming and labor intensive process and liability.

KC 9000™ is a monumental breakthrough for tank cleaning companies with a potential of saving tens of thousands of dollars in time and expenses. Once again this is all done without the need for heat. Once the tank bottoms have been recovered, the only work left is for the solids and water to settle out and be ready for the refinery. KC 9000™ is changing the long standing practice of how tank bottoms are dealt with. What was previously viewed as a liability has now become an asset available for sale.

With the stringent enforcement of Tank Cleaning Law API 653, KC 9000™ will play a vital role in the removal and treatment of tank bottoms. With these new innovations, tank cleaning companies and oil re-claimers will have a technology that will improve efficiency and significantly add thousands to their bottom line when using KC 9000™. The use of KC 9000™ will greatly benefit all sectors of the oil industry both with topside and down-hole recovery.

Sales dept
55 Gallon Drum
A 55 gallon metal drum of KC 9000.
This is an easily portable storage container.
Item #Drum 1

Train Tanker
The train tanker holds 30,000 gallons of KC 9000. Item #TT

Over the Road Tanker
Ideal for large spills, sludge pit clean ups, or for storing KC 9000 for future use. The over the road tanker holds 6500 gallons of KC 9000.
Item #OTRT

Recent Headlines

Friday, July 29, 2011
Freedom Energy Announces Jet Fuel Opportunity
PR Newswire (Fri, Jul 29)

Brian Kistler, CEO, Freedom Energy Holdings, Inc. (Pink Sheets: FDMF.PK) reported at the close of trading today that the company has been presented with a "major new business opportunity" in the aviation sector, as a result of its recently announced commercial joint venture agreement with RMT Holding, Inc ("RMT"). RMT is a foreign based commodities trading company, dealing primarily in the purchase and sale of jet fuel and heavy diesel term contracts on a global basis.

Jet fuel is the third-highest product in demand worldwide and like gasoline, is largely confined to use in the transportation sector. Aviation consumes 2% of all fossil fuels burnt. This represents 12% of the fuel consumption of the entire transportation sector, to be compared with 80% dedicated to road transport. In worldwide operations, U.S. passenger and cargo airlines require 17.5 billion gallons of jet fuel annually, or approximately 415 million barrels. The most economically effective and efficient means by which airlines purchase jet fuel is through "term contracts" based upon a projected volume for a given period of time.

"The market for Jet Fuel is exceptionally large and demand far exceeds supply. We are excited to now have the opportunity to pursue commercial contracts in this niche business sector as a result of our joint venture agreement with RMT. We are in the process of several on-going negotiations in this, and other commercial markets, in which RMT has played a significant introductory role. Further details will be made public once anticipated contracts have been formalized," confirmed Kistler.

Friday, June 24, 2011
Freedom Energy Updates Asphalt Shingle Recycling Agreement
Marketwire (Fri, Jun 24)

Friday, June 17, 2011
Freedom Energy Signs Major JV Agreement
PR Newswire (Fri, Jun 17)



Freedom Energy To Participate In Asphalt Shingle Recycling Project

November 11, 2010, Fort Wayne, Indiana.-Freedom Energy Holdings, Inc. (Pink Sheets: FDMF)
Freedom Energy Holdings, CEO, Brian Kistler, announced today that the company has entered
into a Collaboration Agreement with Americans Investing In America, Inc., (AIIA) and Alternative
Energy Solutions, LLC, (AES) both located in Michigan. Under terms of the agreement each
party has a significant role in creating a process to first collect the oil in the asphalt shingles and
second to recycle the hydrocarbons into a reusable alternative energy source.

AIIA will supply over 70 tons of recycled asphalt shingles and AES will supply the process of
taking the separated oil and processing it into a recycled alternative energy source. Both
companies are assisting Freedom develop the process utilizing a version of the base KC 9000®
formula which has been developed to specifically break down the shingle and separate the oil
from the other aggregates.

Bryan Hall, AIIA’s President, stated, “Recycling asphalt shingles has evolved over the last forty
years. Through considerable research and development the industry of recycling shingles is just
beginning to have a major impact on the reduction of construction and demolition waste
generation. Today, there are a dozen or so states that are utilizing manufacture scrap in their
roadways. State Departments of Transportation are beginning to seriously look at the benefits in
cost reduction and improvement to the pavement characteristics. A few states have already
written spec’s allowing the utilization of both manufacturing and tear-off scrap. This industry is
quickly moving from the infancy stage into a growth stage and with the assistance of Freedom's
KC9000® an exciting new market is about to open for the approximate 11 million tons of asphalt
shingle waste generated each year in the United States.” (US)(CIWMB 2007; CMRA 2007;
Sengoz and Topal 2005; Zickell 2003).

Scott Decker, AES, President, commented, “The Alternative Energy Market is heavily
dependent on the discovery and implementation of renewable fuel sources. The demand for
greener fuels, along with the demand for sources more sustainable than our petroleum based oil
supplies, are driving this industry’s growth. Currently, all renewable bio-fuels on the market
require a mixture with a petroleum based fuel. For example, the most common bio fuel, Bio
Diesel, is used in a ratio of 5%-20% Bio-Diesel, and 80%-95% petroleum diesel (referred to as
B5, B10, B20, etc...). AES has developed a bio fuel called Organic Diesel. This fuel is proving
to be of great benefit to municipal power generation plants, on-site power generation, farmers,
and small trucking fleets. Although it demands a much lower percentage of petroleum diesel,
Organic Diesel does still require between 5%-50% petroleum diesel depending on the
application. The ability to acquire this petroleum product from recycled sources is extremely
beneficial to AES as we look to expand our market by providing a truly green alternative to our

“The ability to team up with experts in the fields of Shingle Recycling and Alternative Fuels close
to home is a great opportunity for us to compliment the projects already in motion,” stated

FDMF Presentation

Image Image Image Image


KC 9000 Works:
Met company rep and got a demo-nice guy. They had a 5 gallon bucket full of Tank Bottoms, he put 10 ounces in the bucket within 10 minutes it seperated with all the good oil sitting on top, Very Impressive. No fluff this stuff really works, I know a little about oil and I've never seen anything like it-Freedom has a real money maker.Turns heavy bottoms/heavy oil into Black Gold, no wonder Kuwait's calling them. Google "Heavy Oil problems Kuwait" I beleive I know why there going. ( ... d=43579400)
Letter from Kuwait :
KC 9000™ KOC Evaporation Pit Test Results
To Whom It May Concern:
We have received an offer from Al-Nasseria co. to test KC 9000 as a product which can be used to reduce the viscosity of sludge/heavy crude oil.

On 6 December 2009 a site visit was arranged for Freedom Energy International, LLC (represented by Mr. Brian Kistler and Mr. Robin Hunt) to demonstrate its innovative proprietary technology KC 9000™. The test was performed on Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) Evaporation Pit owned by Export Operaions Group. We collected a specified amount of material from the evaporation pit. Freedom Energy International, LLC treated the collected material, with a calculated dosage, as a demonstration in front of various members of the KOC.

Results from the treatment were recognized within minutes of the treatment. During the analysis of the KOC Laboratory, the chemists faced some difficulties due to the high viscosity; therefore, a manual test was implemented instead of using the device. The results were an increase in the API gravity by at least 51% with an accuracy of 80%. In addition, I was also pleased to see that the sulfur content was decreased by 7%.

Based on the results of this demonstration, I am happy to acknowledge that KC 9000™ is a viable option for the treatment heavy oil. I further would encourage you to continue your efforts to promote KC 9000™ within all of the Kuwaiti Oil industry with as many applications as possible.
AbdulKareem Al-Shammari
Senior Engineer Mechanical maintenance KOC

Contact Info.

Freedom Energy Holdings, Inc.
531 Airport North Office Park
Fort Wayne, IN 46825
Phone: 260-490-9990 / Fax: 1-866-745-8713