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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brownies Marine Group - BWMG

Brownies Marine Group - BWMG




Brownie's Marine Group, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, Trebor Industries, Inc., d/b/a Brownie's Third Lung, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida designs, tests, manufactures and distributes recreational hookah diving, yacht based scuba air compressor and Nitrox Generation Systems, and scuba and water safety products.

The Company sells its products both on a wholesale and retail basis and is comprised of three highly specialized dive product groups. The Company is an industry leading manufacturing and distribution company that serves middle income boat owners, higher income yacht owners, recreational divers, military operators and public safety personnel.

The Company holds more than ten patents and enjoys a robust product development and intellectual property program that has yielded several proprietary products. Many of these products and innovations have become the "standard" for the marine industry.

The Company is known for its meticulous devotion to detail, high quality production and design ingenuity. In the boating and diving community, Brownie's is known as the market leader when it comes to surface supplied "Third Lung" dive systems and Scuba Tankfill Systems for yacht-based diving. Brownie's products and support service divers at all levels of the underwater world, from shallow-water dive systems to deep-water mixed gas support systems for exploration divers and submariners.

In 2010, Brownie's introduced the first in a series of patent-pending Variable Speed Battery Powered Third Lung (hookah diving) devices engineered to conserve energy while delivering performance to the diver up to 3-times that of the nearest competitor.

For more about Brownie's,


BWMG Products & Services

Tons of Video’s:

http:// ... r_embedded


Brownie's Integrated Air Systems

High or Low Pressure Compressors Drive All Ship's Air Need
Born of our technology to provide air to divers, your Brownie's air compressor can do so much more!

Compressed air can have many uses on a boat. Brownie’s is the largest supplier of compressed air systems for diving purposes – but why stop there? The compressor that supplies air to divers can also inflate fenders, open doors, blow air horns, flush toilets and more...

Efficient use of compressed air starts with the boat’s plans. Our engineering department will work with your boat builder to design the most efficient use of your machinery; providing the most performance while saving valuable space.Proper integration involves an assessment of the entire boat’s air needs – above and below the water’s surface. We design each system specifically to the unique requirements of each customer.



Every aspect of a new build or a re-fit requires detailed planning and preparation to be successful. Today’s diving systems are an integral part of a yacht’s design and require the same technology and expertise as every other aspect of a project.

For over 30 years Brownie’s Third Lung has specialized in designing, building and installing diving solutions that are specially tailored based on needs and integrated into the overall vessel plans from conception.


Brownie’s uses state-of-the-art 2D and 3D modeling to design complete systems that will meet all of the diving needs of the passengers and crew, as well as the exacting space and power requirements of the vessel. Whether your diving needs require a basic tankfill system, built-in hookah or a full dive locker, Brownie’s can design and build a diving solution that will be functional, versatile and attractive.


Surface Suplied Air

Gas or Electric? Which is better?


Overall the fact of choosing Surface Supplied Air over SCUBA is an advantage. Brownie's hookah diving systems offer the freedom to dive when and where you want without the use of conventional SCUBA equipment. By replacing bulky scuba tanks and traditional buoyancy compensators with Brownie’s Drop Weight Cummerbelt™ and float-mounted compressor, divers can enjoy hours of fun exploring the underwater world.

Which is better, gas or electric?

This has been a frequent question without a whole lot of answers. The answer is all about what method you prefer and your personal situation. For example, if you wish to camp and will be away from available gas resources, an electric unit can be charged at your boat. Or for example, you do not have a boat and will be diving from shore, a gas unit will work for longer periods, but have you also consider the cost of parts or maintenance? See the information below and the specific benefits of each and decide for yourself.

All Brownie's Hookah Systems deliver CGA Grade E breathing gas, the same level that is required of dive store compressors for scuba.


Why Gasoline Hookah Diving?

Brownie’s Third Lung Diving hookah systems allow multiple divers the freedom to dive without the encumbrance of traditional scuba gear. Whether diving from a boat, a personal water craft, or the beach, the Third Lung offers a compact, light-weight, portable and cost effective solution.

Pros - Brownie's Third Lung gasoline systems are great and can offer divers approximately three hours of air on less than one gallon of gas… less than the cost of filling a single scuba tank! Brownie’s gasoline hookah diving systems can support as many as 3 divers to depths of up to 90 feet. Gasoline units are equipped with Brownie's special Direct Drive compressor and a reliable 4-cycle OHV gasoline engine. We offer a variety of engines giving different cost options.

Cons- Can not benefit if away from gasoline resources. It requires strenght to start engine by pulling a handle in the fly wheel. They require overall more maintenance like oil changes, refilling with gas, etc... and are typically higher priced maintenance costs than electric units since there are more parts involved. Corrosion is likely to happen even with maintenance since it contains metal parts, like gas tank, muffler and fly wheel housing, which are non existent in an electric system. Does NOT have "Variable Speed" technology, energy consumption is fairly constant not keyed to diver demand. Gasoline systems emits more noise than an electric system since it runs with an engine.

Why Electric Hookah Diving?

Brownie's new eco-friendly variable speed units revolutionize hookah diving. The Brownie's Third Lung Variable Speed System (patent pending) provides a versatile, efficient and environmentally-friendly solution for all your diving needs.

Based on the same compressor principles as our world famous gas-powered systems, the VS Electric systems provide a smooth supply of air for up to 3 divers. Electric operation is cleaner and requires less service and maintenance than gasoline engines.
See Variable Speed Systems for more information.

Pros - Brownie's Third Lung variable speed electric systems are not just the typical electric system. In fact, Brownie's is the only one to offer Variable Speed electric hookah diving systems (Patent pending). Start the system with a switch of a button. Electric systems have instant power in comparison to gasoline units and are energy efficient conserving battery power and extending dive time. The Electric VS system's environmental impact is reduced by eliminating the carbon emissions. There is no need to carry or to store fuel. Hassle free "Quick Change Batteries" with no tools required. Batteries can be recharged and are designed for marine use. Brownie's Variable Speed systems produce about 40-50% less noise making these units even quieter than before. Corrosion is not a concern, our electric VS systems have a hard coated marinized aluminum motor resistant to salt water.

Cons - Need an energy source to recharge batteries or to connect an A/C power pack. Cost may seem slightly higher but various packages are offered for a better investment.

* All electric units have Brownie's Variable Speed technology (Patent pending) with the exception of the E150 electric system.


BWMG Patents

Brownie's Marine Group has dedicated years of research and development in order to create the best products in the diving industry. Our patented technoloy offers a wide variety of diving systems and accessories that makes diving an easy and more joyable diving experience.

Here are a few of the Patents BWMG hold CLICK the link to see more than a dozen listed


BWMG Catalog: ... og_web.pdf


Brownie’s Third Lung is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida - a very wet location. All of southern Florida is covered with a network of lakes, ponds, canals, spillways and other various bodies of water. All too often, we were witness to drowning of motorists and passengers inside vehicles submerged in shallow water. In many instances, rescue personnel and by-standers actually witnessed accidents taking place, have gallantly jumped into the water to attempt rescue; only to be frustrated with their inability to breath hold long enough to extract the victim(s). Their only recourse is to wait for the dive team to arrive with breathing gear to extract the victims. With each passing minute the chances of survival decrease dramatically.
Brownie’s Third Lung has been a leading manufacturer of surface supplied air diving compressors and specialized tankfill compressors for over 34 years. The Brownie’s Public Safety product line was formed in 2000 to help address the growing needs of the ALL public safety dive markets, not just our own backyard. We modified products and technology from our other applications specifically to address the needs of a First Responder Public Safety Officer.

The Fort Lauderdale Police Dive Team tests out the new Brownie's VS Third Lung - the all electrical surface supplied (also often called Hookah) dive system that was released to market earlier 2010. To learn more see Brownie's Blog.


What we developed is a line of products that are designed to:

1) take up very little space - so they can fit into any cruiser, ambulance, fire truck, helicopter, water patrol boat, life guard perch, etc,
2) be donned in seconds,
3) provide enough air to allow a trained diver to perform one or more rescues in shallow water accidents,
4) fit a wide variety of body types and sizes
5) provide additional functions like surface flotation, high visibility from shore, glass-break tools, etc.

We are divers

Members of the Brownie's development team include active public safety divers, underwater explorers, technical diving experts, diving engineers/designers and diving professionals. We spent hours researching, developing and testing and then we took them out to other public safety Dive teams from across the country lent a hand with field testing of beta samples, feedback and refinement.

The Brownie’s design team and support staff include an active public safety dive team instructor. Along with the help of established dive teams from across the country, we have come up with innovative solutions to problems that the rescue diver is faced. We have spent countless hours researching, testing and refining our designs, and always encourage feedback from our customers. Our equipment is in use throughout the world with both public safety teams and the military, and we will continue to push our way into the field.

Brownie's Adventure Gear

Brownie's Marine Group is expanding our activities with exciting new products and is launching our Brownie's Adventure Gear section. Under this section we offer a great selection of flotation products from our own production as well as from some of the best producers of professional and leisure gear in the world.


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BWMG Contact Info

Brownie's Marine Group, Inc.
940 NW 1st Street
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33311

Phone: 954-462-5570
Fax: 954-462-6115