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Wednesday, March 9, 2011



Focused on the business of powering the nation

$FOFU.OB Force Fuels is on a mission to help power the nation through development of a diversified portfolio of regulated and standardized energy products including oil, natural gas, solar and wind.

By applying proven business-building principles to the business of energy production, we are dual-focused on optimizing the value of domestic fossil fuel assets while also promoting interjection of renewable energy solutions into the power grids of America.

$FOFU.OB Force Fuels is engaged in the identification and acquisition of underperforming oil and gas assets in prolific oil and gas producing regions of the U.S. that have abandoned or marginally producing shallow wells (less than 2000 feet) on-site and offer promising potential for well site revitalization and

additional drilling opportunities.

On April 26, 2010, completed its first oilfield acquisition, purchasing 13 viable, contiguous oil and gas leases in southern Kansas, comprising approximately 2600 acres of land with recoverable reserves estimated to be nearly 14 million barrels of oil. Last week, Force Fuels initiated the sale of oil produced from two of its 13 leaseholds, marking a critical step forward in its strategy to improve production and optimize cash flow from the underperforming oil producing assets it acquires.

Headquartered in Southern California with offices and oilfield operations in Kansas, Force Fuels, Inc. was formed to provide a profit-driven vehicle to acquire underperforming leaseholds in prolific oil and gas producing regions of the U.S. that have marginally producing shallow oil wells on-site and offer promising potential for additional drilling opportunities. In addition, the Company will seek to support compelling renewable energy development projects in the areas of wind and solar in an effort to encourage diversity and long term value of its energy matrix.


Force Fuels is a publicly traded company with our common stock traded on the Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board under symbol “FOFU.”

In addition to establishing our Company as a noted leader in the field of diversified energy, Force Fuels is committed to earning global distinction as a forward-thinking industry leader that is:

* recognized by its employees for providing opportunities to grow both personally and professionally;
* appreciated by its valued business partners and customers for providing the highest possible quality energy products and services as cost efficiently as possible;
* respected and admired by its peers for its integrity and enduring commitment to excellence in its business practices; and
* valued by its shareholders for providing the greatest possible transparency into its operational and financial activities and performance.

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