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Friday, August 12, 2011

RTG Ventures Inc. (RTGV.PK)

RTG Ventures Inc. (RTGV.PK)

Welcome to RTGV Ventures

RTG Ventures Inc. (RTGV) is a NASDAQ/OTC:QB listed company listed company with a unique model that enables video rights owners to control and monetize their assets through internet and mobile internet distribution.  RTGV also enables destination site owners to source top quality media content without the need to negotiate rights for each media item they stream.
RTGV is structured as three trading divisions, each of which contains both wholly-owned corporations and joint ventures, with independent business plans, strategies and management. In addition to servicing their discrete markets, these corporations all contribute to RTGV’s total product offering for media rights owners.
At the heart of RTGV’s total product offering is a Monetization Platform which allows rights owners to define and tag media content in detail, set and enforce rights management and distribution rules, receive payment on distribution and obtain detailed analytics in real time.
RTGV’s three operating divisions are:
  • Media Systems: technology to monetize media assets
  • Payment Systems: technology to take and administer payments
  • Solutions: marketing, sales and other services that add value to the total product offering


RTGV’s total product offering enables rights owners to stream content in any format to any digital video platform with monetization and rights management rules built in to the network itself. RTGV also offers value-adding services which allow rights owners to focus on generating new content, while RTGV maximises revenues on their behalf.

Production Services

Whatever you need filming, RTG Ventures subsidiary, Cloud Channel, can provide the crew, the expertise and the equipment to match your budget and deliver great results every time. While we really specialize in producing content for Web TV, our network of talent covers everything from live music, commercials, music videos, sports and promo videos to pilot programmes for show formats.
If it can be filmed, we can do it.
For more information on RTG Ventures production services, please email us or call Dom on
+44 20 7193 0435.

Digitization Services

With so much great content sitting in cans in archive rooms, being able to digitize archive content for streaming online is an essential part of helping rights owners to monetize their content.  Through its content partner, Watchmaker Films, RTG Ventures can deliver truly cost effective solutions for preparing archive content of any kind for internet broadcast and, we even have creative solutions for off-setting costs too.
Services include:
  • Film Scanning
  • Film Restoration
  • Post-Production
  • Sound Restoration
  • Color Grading
If you’ve got an archive that you want to monetize, we can help.


CloudChannel is a web-based application that changes the way streaming media is monetized online. CloudChannel disrupts the traditional blanket media license model by providing media rights owners the tools they need to mass-syndicate content themselves. This ensures they get paid for exactly what gets played and gives them a far higher return than they would hope to get using YouTube or other destination sites. Payment methods and Micro Rights Management® tools are integrated into each stream allowing for totally transparent royalty audits in real-time.


Streaming Services

More and more businesses are starting to use streaming media as a core part of their sales and marketing strategies online.  Although there are many companies offering streaming services, few have as comprehensive a solution as RTG Ventures.
With the ability to take media in any format and stream to any device, in any format, RTG Ventures offers a truly cost effective and flexible solution for small-to-medium sized businesses.

Merchandising Services

These days it’s not difficult to source product in the Far East.  Go to any major trade fair and you’ll find representatives from factories, agents and other intermediaries all vying for business.  The big challenge facing merchandisers isn’t the ability to buy, how much one buys, what one pays and how one maintains quality.
In our team, we’ve got over 18 years of experience in buying goods in small production runs, at good prices and with very exacting quality standards.  We’ve sourced product for some of the biggest and best names in retail and we can do the same for you.  Our specialties include  gifts, collectibles, apparel, consumer electronics and novelty goods.
Whatever your merchandising needs, we can help.


RTG Ventures partner programme, CloudSphere, is designed to extend the capabilities of its Media Monetization Platform. CloudSphere partners add value to a unique model that enables live music video rights owners to control and monetize their assets through internet and mobile internet distribution.
The CloudSphere Partner Network means we can offer a 360 degree service to media rights owners including full production capability, marketing services, and more.

Technology Partners

CloudSphere Technology Partners provide a level technical excellence that can’t be beaten and ensure that our Monetization Platform is as portable as possible.
Technical Partners extend the reach of RTG Ventures and make sure content is distributed as widely as possible within the syndication rules set by rights owners.

Management & Vision

In a world where many consumers are willing to pay more for a cup of coffee than they are for recorded music, a new approach to remunerating artists for their creations is required. There’s no purer or rawer art form than live performance, so it’s this part of artists’ repertoire that RTG Ventures has turned its attention.  Our vision to make live music available anywhere, any time and in any format is designed to keep fans connected with their artists at their convenience but always in a way that respects that artists need to feed their creativity.
Illegal downloads and illegal file shares are sucking the life out of recorded music, but live music can’t be copied or shared.  If you’re not at the gig, you’re just not at the gig.  Until now.  By making live music available online, with proper models for monetizing performances RTG Ventures creates new revenue opportunities for bands and their management. We connect fans with their bands and offer multiple ways of providing “free” content that still remunerates its creators.
To do this, we’ve made it our mission to develop cutting-edge  products and services that enable media rights owners to manage, promote and monetize their assets online. Our systems allow rights owners to present new, exciting content to consumers with sponsor supported pay-per-view models which minimize the risk of piracy.

Executive Profiles

Dominic Hawes-Fairley | CEO/President & Director

Dominic Hawes-Fairley is the Chief Executive Officer and President of RTG Ventures, Inc. and is one of the joint authors of the company’s business strategy. Dominic has spent the last ten years building or consulting businesses in rapid growth. He is an early adopter of new technology with a strong marketing background who has recently focused on cloud computing and the retail market.
Dominic’s last business, BMC was acquired by RTG Ventures to provide a retail channel and expert sourcing capability in China. Dominic co-founded the business in 2002.
Prior to BMC, Dominic consulted with technology and media start-ups, helping them to define their business models, marketing strategies and sales plans. He was VP Marketing at Europe’s largest technology business incubator and prior to that ran a strategic marketing consultancy in London. Dominic also served as a commissioned officer in the Household Cavalry.

Reggie James | Managing Director, Digital Clarity

Reggie James is founder of Digital Clarity, a leading Search Marketing and Digital Advertising Agency. The company helps major brands and medium sized companies take advantage of the digital economy focusing on areas such as Search Engine Marketing (Google, Yahoo! & Bing), Social Media (Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn) and Internet Strategy Planning.
Reggie has been involved in the commercial element of the internet since its inception and has been instrumental in driving forward business models that are common place today. Further to running Digital Clarity, Reggie is a minor shareholder and former founder of an internet analytics technology software house as well as an AIM listed marketing service company.  Prior to launching Digital Clarity, Reggie has been involved with publishing groups such as VNU & Ziff-Davis as well as leading search company AltaVista, now part of Yahoo inc.

Jasper Dalgliesh | Commercial Director, RTG Payments

Eleven years experience in account management and sales with a further ten years management gained in the Army (operated in specialist units). Conducted consultative work for large and small companies; analytical and able to keep the ‘big picture’, focussed on getting results. Highly developed communication, negotiation and leadership skills and a senior account manager used to dealing with high level executives. Fluent French speaker and graduate from Cranfield School of Management

Neil Gray | Chairman & Director

Between 1999 and 2007, Gray was involved as an officer and equity participant of a privately held UK based Healthcare Group. Prior to leaving the group, a stable, conservative growth model was created to establish growth organically and by acquisition through operational knowledge and accurate prediction of cash flow/interest rates within the group’s debt/equity structure. The group’s interests were not restricted to the UK with alliances and interests developed into the European Union.
From 1994 to 1999, a “Hands On” approach to operational involvement and investment with personal financial incentives was garnered whist working in different cultural and geographical locations. These locations were Africa (South-West and West), South America (Equatorial), Spain (Mainland and The Canary Islands) and the Black Sea. The projects developed and entered into were engineering, textiles and import/export with the UK and EU.
The initial development of Gray’s understanding of business strategy was as part of a “think tank” team of individuals in a UK based insurance company between 1989 and 1994. The team’s role was to understand, develop and test their ideas against actuarial professionals. Gray sought out risk management knowledge and understanding of the global business of his employer during this time.
Gray’s formative years were spent as an employee of a UK based electrical engineering firm based in Northern England from 1985 to 1989 and in the engineering department of a British Coal deep mine colliery between 1979 and 1985.

Linda Perry | Chair: Nomination & Compensation & Audit Committees & Director

Before April 1, 2010, Linda Perry served as President, Chief Executive Officer and a Director of RTG Ventures, Inc., a position she had held from September 1, 2003 excepting the period from April 19, 2005-April 24, 2006. She has had an extensive career in global and entrepreneurial businesses. Prior to that time, from 2001-2002, she was the senior advisor to the Board of Directors of The Balli Group, where her role was to integrate the acquisition of Klockner & Co. The acquisition resulted in the creation of the world’s largest steel, multi-metal, distribution and trading company.
Between 1999-2001, she was appointed a director and a member of the Executive Committee of Churchill Insurance Group, Plc., a division of the Credit Suisse Group. Ms. Perry was President of GWR Enterprises, Inc., from 1997-1999, focused on new business opportunities through private equity and special situation investments. She was a senior executive at ExxonMobil Corporation from 1983-1996, holding general management positions with global responsibility in finance, marketing and organization (described as corporate governance, management succession and executive compensation.) The latter role was under the aegis of the Board of Directors, entitled Compensation, Organization and Executive Development Committee/COED, of which she was a member. Ms. Perry holds an MBA from Harvard University.
She has been a visiting lecturer/professor at IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland, INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France and the Stern School of Business at New York University throughout her career.
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For sales or partnership opportunities, please contact:
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