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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Markray Corp. - RVBR

Markray Corp.  RVBR

About Markray Corp.
MARKRAY CORP is a Delaware corporation operating in the mining industry as well as the processing of tailings to extract gold, silver, platinum and iron. The company recently obtained the rights to exploit the stockpile of tailings situated within an area close to Moscow. The rights include the extraction and processing of Fifty % of the tailings which were formed by the stocking of rejected material by chemical companies that were not interested or capable of separating these rare earth minerals.
Russia’s metals billionaires move into gold
Billionaires are moving into gold, attracted by record prices and the prospect of carving a share of production that is forecast to rise 40 percent by 2015.

Mining Opportunities

During intensive mining exploitations, coarse or rough texture metal is extracted easier than the finer particles which remain in the tailings. On average, 20% to 50% of gold is lost when traditional methods and inefficient equipment is used. As a result of decades of inefficient mining in Russia, an enormous amount of technogenic stockpiles have accumulated, which have become a source of additional gold through re-mining. There are also numerous stockpiles formed from operations of chemical plants that did not have as their activities the extraction of minerals. However almost no Russian companies have turned their attention to working these established stockpiles which represent a great opportunity to new entrepreneurs. Technology is now available which allows for the recovery of gold and other precious metals from material that was mined using older technology. A very efficient method is through the use of spectrum technology by which gold, silver and platinum are identified and extracted using their color spectrum.
Only in the Magadan region, there is alluvial gold found in 500 million cubic meters of tailings.It is estimated that there should be approximately 500-700 tons of gold. The major advantage of processing these technogenic deposits is that the project is already prepared having been lifted from the earth.
With today’s technologies, the valuable minerals contained in the tailings can be easily separated. The company has developed a 6 phase approach to the processing of the tailings, which will enable the processing of 1 million tons of tailings per year within the initial operations. Additional equipment will increase production 5 times the initial output. The 6 phase approach to the facility is the following:

Vibration feeder
Conveyor Band
Vibration Griddle
Jet type Mill
Centrifugal Concentrators

The main operation of the modular factory consists of crushing the tailings and then using the current magnetic separation process to extract all the ferromagnetic bodies and particles. The gold and other non-ferrous metals will be extracted by way of centrifugal gravity concentrators, which have provided the best results in previous projects as well as through the testing of these tailings.
The Company shall soon perfect the processing technology by using commercial components developed by OptoSort GmbH of Germany. The process involves the separation of minerals by using the color spectrum of each different material. This is done with superior accuracy than the traditional methods of using magnetic separators.
These separators will raise the degree and speed of extraction of precious metals up to five times.
The unique technology allows processing a basic stream of materials with much higher speed and accuracy in comparison with all the other existing methods. Electronic technologies assumes bigger volumes of processing and realizes the differential approach which controls the minerals in each piece of raw materials
Modular concentrating plants of this type are intended for fast and highly profitable development of ore deposits of valuable metals. The modular plant uses a minimum of labor reducing expenses. The productivity

Production of construction material

The dead rock which remains after the extraction of precious metals and iron nuggets shall go through a process of compression in an automated system resulting in the manufacture of bricks and similar construction material. This further helps to clean the environment without a further disruption of the earth’s surface.

Reserves and Resources

A geological audit was made by The Central Research institute of Geological Prospecting for Base and Precious Metals (TSNIGRI).
Assessments of samples performed by TSNIGRI in October 2007 showed a high exploitability of the site in terms of precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver as well as iron. At the same time full spectral analysis of samples was performed, which confirmed high content of useful components.
Metals Reserves
approx. 68. 0 tonnes at the average content of 1.7 g/t


approx. 739. 6 tonnes at the average content of 17.2 g/t
approx. 20. 8 million tonnes at the average content of 52%
approx. 3,6 tonnes at the average content 0,09 g/t
The geological audit identified alluvial gold in the tailings and it is associated with quartz and sulfides forming joints and finally dispersed impregnation. Surfaces of primary and deformed grains of gold allocated from concentrates after processing oxalic and acetic acids are dirty with cortical and film coatings of ferrum hydroxides. The determined weight of gold in the technological tailings is presented by gold grams with size varying between 25 microns to micrometer particles.
: TSNIGRI is the international consulting firm in the sphere of geological and mining works and gives a wide spectrum of consulting services for the enterprises of the international mining industry, including geological evaluations and reports on properties of minerals. It was based in 1935 as a leading research institute on scientifically-methodical and geologic-technological maintenance of, creation, use and raw-material base development precious metals.
The Institute’s field of activity includes forecast, searches, evaluations, exploration, implementing progressive technologies of prospecting works, processing and the analysis of ores of diamond, gold, silver, platinum-group metals, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, cobalt. It also participates in the monitoring of mineral sources of raw materials, geologic-economic evaluations of deposits.
Since 1976 in the USSR and the Russian Federation , there has evolved more than 460 gold deposits. TSNIGRI participated in evaluations and explorations of 360 of them, and relating to copper 257 of 307, relating to lead and zinc 103 of 151 and relating to silver in 52 of 64 projects.
TSNIGRI cooperates with foreign geological services and firms on the basis of direct communications and works as an important institute in the following countries:
Australia, Algeria, Argentina, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Hungary, Vietnam, Guinea, Germany, Honduras, Greece, Egypt, Iran, Spain, Canada, Cyprus, the Peoples Republic of China, Colombia, Congo, Morocco, Mozambique, Mongolia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Peru, Poland, Syria, Slovakia, Sudan, the USA, Tanzania, Turkey, Czech Republic, Chile, Ethiopia, etc.
TSNIGRI completed geological researches for Norilsk Nickel, ?? Alrosa, Polus Gold, Polymetal , Jangeology, Verhne-Indigirsky expedition, Stannolit as well as the administrations of subjects of the Russian Federation.

Gold Russian Markets
Russia is one of the leading gold mining countries and it occupies the sixth place in the world following the republic of South Africa, Australia, the United States, Chine, and Peru. On reserves of this precious metal Russia ranks second in the world after the republic of South Africa. Growth in the volume of output of gold in Russia in the last few years was caused by all the changes in the procedures to mine gold. According to experts within the next five years the volume gold mining in Russia will grow on the average on 8.2% per year.
The gold mining is conducted in several regions of Russia, such as
Krasnoyarsk territory (27% from total amount of mining),
Khabarovsk territory (17%),
Magadan region (13%),
Republic Yakutia (Skha) (7%),
Buryatiya (5%),
Irkutsk and Amur region (3%),
Chelyabinsk region (3%),
other regions (22%).
The largest gold mining companies Russia are Pole Gold, CJSC AMUR, Highland Gold Mining, Peter Hambro Mining, Polim, Barrick Gold and Bimo Gold.
Precious metals are one of the most liquid goods, using steady demand in the world market.
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