Onteco Corporation, $ONTC, Subsidiary, NexPhase Lighting, Inc.,
Releases Innovative and Best in Class Downlight LED Six and Eight Can
Fixtures With Active Thermal Management for Energy Savings Retrofit


MIAMI, Sept. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Onteco Corporation (OTC.QB:
"ONTC"), (the "Company", or "Onteco"), announced today that its
subsidiary, NexPhase Lighting, Inc. ("NexPhase"), a designer, developer
and manufacturer of high efficiency, high quality LED intelligent
lighting fixture, today released it's RC62055C11 and RC82055C11 six and
eight inch LED can fixtures for the energy savings retrofit

Jon Cooper, CEO of NexPhase, stated, " We are extremely excited about
the RC6 and RC8 product lines. These fixtures provide a fantastic
lighting solution for the retrofit can marketplace. These units are
designed to work in six, eight and ten inch cans and are focused on
replacing double CFL fixtures currently in the field with a more
efficient and more reliable solution. These fixtures employ an active
thermal management system, provide a minimum 82 CRI lighting solution
and at 23 watts provide 1,850 lumens of delivered light (no lens) and
1,550 lumens of delivered light (with lens). They are 0-10 volt
dimmable and therefore can be controlled with our wireless lighting
control systems. Most importantly they provide a 60% energy savings
over double CFL's, a 50,000 hour warranty and a robust design that
requires no maintenance as compared to non-eco friendly and unreliable
short life double CFL solutions. We have already taken orders for this
innovative product series and full commercial release and shipments
will be occurring in the fourth quarter of 2011. They are offered in
kelvin temperatures ranging from 2,700 K to 4,500 K."

About Onteco Corporation

Onteco Corporation <http://www.onteco.com/> was founded to develop
innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions to some of the most
significant environmental challenges facing us today. Additionally,
these solutions must show promise of generating significant, ongoing
profits for the company. The company determined that one industry that
meets these criteria is the Energy Saving Lighting Industry, and as a
result acquired NexPhase Lighting, Inc., in February 2011.

Additional information about Onteco Corporation is available at:
www.Onteco.com <http://www.onteco.com/>

About NexPhase Lighting, Inc.

NexPhase Lighting, Inc. is a designer and developer of proprietary high
quality LED (light-emitting diode) lighting fixtures and control
systems for commercial applications. It believes its products will be
the lowest cost, highest efficacy fixtures available in the LED
Lighting Industry. All NexPhase lighting products incorporate its
proprietary "NexSense TechnologyĆ¢„¢", which provides benefits well
beyond the generally acknowledged advantages of all other LED lighting
fixtures. NexSense control systems use a unique, "patent pending'
wireless protocol, which provides for an unsurpassed reduction in
architecture and infrastructure installation cost in commercial
applications, as well as significantly reduced maintenance and ongoing
operation costs.

For more information about NexPhase Lighting, Inc. visit:
http://www.nexphaselighting.com <http://www.nexphaselighting.com/>

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